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Important Softball Rules To Remember

Softball is a fun and rewarding sport that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or background. However, there are some noticeable differences between this game and the major league baseball games you see played on TV. Whether you’re an experienced softball player or someone whose looking to get started in the hobby, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with these rules.
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How Many Innings are There?

In traditional MLB baseball and many other leagues, there are a total of 9 innings played. During an inning, each team will get a chance to both field and bat. When it’s your teams time to bat, you’ll get 3 outs before changing sides.

One of the major differences in softball is that there’s only 7 innings players instead of 9. Many players will find these shorter games more enjoyable, as they are quite as physically-exhausting as full 9 inning games are.

Pitching Technique

The most noticeable difference between softball and traditional baseball is the pitching technique. In baseball, pitchers throw the ball overhand towards the batter. In softball, though, pitchers must toss the ball underhand to decrease the speed and velocity. This gives the batter a better chance at hitting the ball.

Because the ball is pitched with less speed, pitchers must try to control and manipulate the ball. Instead of throwing of directly over the plate, a skilled pitcher will identify the weakness of the batter and exploit it by pitching there. For instance, if a player isn’t able to hit a ball thrown in the inside, a pitcher will toss it there. Or, if a player doesn’t handle curveballs well, the pitcher will throw them a curveball.

There are two main forms of softball, slow pitch softball and fastpitch softball . As you can probably guess from the name, fastpitch allows the pitcher to throw the ball at any speed they wish, regardless of height. In slow pitch, the pitcher must toss the ball in an arc angle.

You’ll likely notice a difference in the look and feel of a softball over a baseball. From a distance, they look similar. When you look at them up close, you’ll see a softball is much larger and heavier than a traditional baseball. This makes it easier to hit, but it also creates greater wind resistance when the ball’s in the air.

These are just a few of the most important rules to remember when playing softball. As always, speak with your teams coach to voice any questions or concerns you have.

Akadema Bats – What is there in a swing!

akadema-yellowAkadema Bats. From when did they make bats, they make great gloves but making bats is a different ball game. Hey, man! Are you living in the Old Ages! Its been a decade that Akadema has been making baseball bats. Yes they have been seen as a better baseball equipment manufacturers and the gloves manufacturer, but the bats they make only they can! These are world class – the quality, the wood ones and the metal alloy ones. The Akadema wood baseball bats are:

– tacktion
– Maple 6
– Ash 5
– Ash 8
– Ash Youth
– Fungo

and Akadema is a world leader in them and has now been manufacturing them over a decade.

But these days, with the advent of alloy bats, Akadema has added new series for them and that series is selling like hot cakes and can be safely be recommended to all age groups. These series has more than 6 types, each for adult, fastpitch, slow pitch, youth, T Ball and Senior league.

These bats are meant for all who need longer shots as they have more distance to cover plus they can hit the ball hard so the sweet spot needs to be really sweet and boy is it sweet. You hit it once and it continues to go and go till you want it to. Available in many sizes like 31/28, 32/29, 33/30, 34/31 etc it offers a complete set to choose from.

The Adult Xtension Catapult Rivet: it is mainly for the school and college level and a catapult technology is used to give the maximum force to make the ball go off in all directions. The barrel design has been kept simple and this no-nonsense approach has made it a hit.

The Senior League Xtension Catapult Rivet: mainly for the senior league level, it has been fortified with a double wall barrel offering great strength. This is not for the weak hearted and packs a solid punch and offers to score quickly and is mainly the minus 9 type.

The Youth Xtension Catapult Rivet: This has been approved by the Pony Baseball league, The Little League, Dixie Youth Baseball league and quite a number of leagues in this segment. The barrel is great and the most inspiring feature is the alloy non-yielding handle offering great durability and a perfect grip.

The common features of the above mentioned series is that they all have been tested by the latest technological advances and offer one thing more than anything else – maximum bat speed.

But the best part about selecting Akadema lies in the fact that they understand no to hitters are alike and so no two bats can be the same. Hence they have specialized in making custom and to order bats for the hitters. Ranging anywhere between 199$ to the upwards of 1,000$ these bats are made keeping you in mind. So you can never go wrong with them. Hence, go ahead and get going and score heavily using the Akadema bats. Please visit fastpitchbatplace.com when you want more value information.

Anderson Bats – Where the future lies!

Playing and winning the game of baseball is not based on luck but on hard work and the quality of the equipment you use. If you are a hitter, then the bat counts, if a pitcher then the ball counts. But we can very safely say that the equipment you use will make all the difference in the end. So why compromise on them. It is always better to use the best if you want the best results and so when choosing a bat have a close look to the Anderson bats! It has all that you can think of – a great body, a perfect handle and the big sweet spot and above all the range to choose from.

Anderson company has been into the business of making baseball bats, their specialty being the soft ball bats, but they have also excelled in the baseball bats field, since a long time and all the players all over the world know about the Anderson Bats and what they have to offer. But the differentiating factor and the competitive edge that Anderson has it that its adaptability. The game of baseball has undergone a major re-modeling and with it all the aspects relating to it like the stadium, the sponsorships, the rules, the equipment and a whole host of other things.

Previously the baseball bats were made of wood, they were easily broken and had a low rate of home run hits. Thus, it used to be a dull affair, but with the advent of alloy bats, the home runs keep coming and the bats last a lot longer, thus giving the buyer a better value for money. So keeping all this in mind, Anderson Bats have added a new line of bats for the next baseball season – the 2009 series. These are bats that would give the pitchers a nightmare and score would fly. They are all muscle and provide the hitter with a smooth swing.

A closer look at them:

a) Pyrotech XP Baseball Bat – For those with a fast eye. It is equipped with an ultra thin whip handle for that perfect grip. It is made of alloy and has a bullet proof cap and ergonomic knob for the perfect swing, which makes the ball fly higher and farther. The design allows for the sweet spot to come in contact with the ball more often. The aerodynamic design is the result of years of research and is basically for the school level.

b) Techzilla XP Baseball Bat – The techno-friendly! Due to the energy saving and transferring technology, which makes this superior to its peers, it allows the hitter to save a lot of physical energy without compromising the energy being transferred.

The other two in the series are Pyrotech XT and Pyrotech XS baseball bats, these are similar to the Pyrotech XP bats, but are used for the collegiate and the pros. Thus the range and the price available from this stable of baseball bats is the most commendable and a sure shot choice for the beginners as well as the pros.